Childhood is incomplete without being punished by your parents for having fun with friends, for lying, for not eating properly. Though we never planned to lie our dads, that was always something spontaneous because of their fear.

But our parents never understood us and our reasons behind lying, just punished us to teach lesson. And for us as a kids, punishment was something very big and it always forced us to hate them. it just the situation which make us feel that our parents are doing wrong with us, but it’s actually a lessons of our life which are going to be us in every good and bad times.

We ourselves hate lies, no matter how much we lie others. Our parents just wanted us to get rid of this habit because he knew that how much it hurts. Parents are always think for our betterment. There is no one in the world who loves us more than them. Just for our all parents make them smile bring a delicious treat for them from cake delivery in bangalore.



Sometimes we all want our loved ones to experience a romantic way of unveiling a gift. As per the likes and dislikes of the person, you can bring in the specific items to fill the basket. The gift basket may contain flowers, chocolates, cakes or the many other things.

Choose a perfect gift basket for the one whom you want to present or want to surprise. Arrange your basket nicely, so that it look like presentable. Keep the gift inside the basket wrapped beautifully with ribbon and tie a knot in the middle centre. If you are gifting this basket to you love then make it more romantic.

Especially for your love, you can add some more charm to your basket with delicious and beautiful heart shaped cake with some more stuffs likes flower bouquet, champagne bottle depend on his/her likes. Get arranged your gift basket from online cake and flower delivery in delhi.



We make friends we grow, in the due course of life, in school, in colleges and workplaces. But, there are some friends, who comes to us as precious gifts of life, as we are born, and they remain with us till we are alive- and that is the family!

Life gives us many friends who became a part of many special moments in life. They are always with us to share, to listen, to hold our hands in the moments of despair, to hug us when we feel tormented, to laugh with us in joy and to pat our backs when we achieve something big in our life.

Treat your friends like a family and they will always be with you at every stage of your life. Cherish your strong bond with your friends and family with send cake to pune. There are friends who made each and every phase of life, worth a celebration. Celebrate the special bond with your friends who helped you to understand the real meaning of friendship.


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I think we have to look at our own lives again. We have to look at the energy we put in and whether we do things and whether we do things with enthusiasm. Are we struggling all the time? Are we really enjoying every moment of our life? Are the things really satisfying? There are so many questions that arise in our mind all the time.

God gave each of us many talents. Using your talents and living your passion usually give energy and then you can’t stop doing the things you like because it’s your passion or it’s your dream. Life is too short to waste on wrong things. Make sure what you do during the day is your passion and gives you energy.

Live your dreams, know your passion work on the things that make you happy. Celebrate your life with cake delivery in bangalore order the delicious dessert from given link and enjoy. There are many people who even don’t know what they really want in their life, so find your passion live it, love it and make it work.morden pink wedding cake.gif


Today’s world is fully digital, their life seems incomplete without these screens or this digital world. Our world is full of screens, we use to keep them in our hands, purse and pockets, next to our bed while we sleep, and surround ourselves with the screen on our desk and counter tops.

This digital world is so real that your “shared space” move with you across your screens, and become one of your realities. It’s the digital world you choose, where you can live. Always ready for you to use in whatever ways you want. It’s one of the most important part of our daily life.

It connects us with the people, and to all those things which are not in our actual reach. You will be global person who connects everywhere. The whole world and it’s best knowledge and resource will be local at you, at your fingertips, under your control. Get in touch with all your friends just by sending some sweet and delicious cake for them from online cake delivery in agra.



Most of the singles are looking for romance and happy relationship, which clearly mean they are ready to say “Yes” for a date when they are asked for in right manner, at the right time, and under the right circumstances.

The simple truth is that most single people will never think less of you for making an effort to approach them. But the real fight is to leave a lasting impression. Nothing can beat a delicious cake, flowers and chocolate for impressing someone, they work wonder especially on women. And always will.

Make your first impression as your best impression, go to the cake delivery in surat order a special treat. Have fun, enjoy, discover and reveal. Because you never know when love hits you in the face and shakes you to the core within.



After having the unlimited fun in holi with your family and friends, today the day is for brother and sisters. Bhai dooj is the festival which is celebrated by brother and sister. This is the day when sister put tika on the forehead of their brother and they pray to god for their happiness.

There are many festivals that are devoted to family in India. On this day of Bhai dooj the significance of brother and sister relationship is understood by the people. The brother in return bring gift for her. If you want your gift to be cherished for a long time; you need to go for a personalised gift.

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A simple yet heart touching idea to celebrate Friendship Day would be idea will be to write a nice card for your friend telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Please be open in your appearance and spill out your heart to them!

To touch your friend’s cardiovascular system who is miles away from you can be giving them a tiny present such sending a tasty friendship day cake along with her favorite Snuggly and Ferrero Rocher Delicious chocolate Bouquet. Sounds like a great Friendship Day idea ain’t it? If you wish to send her all the above treats then cake delivery in patna

In the event that your friends go weakened in knee after hearing to the word Sweets then give them a packet packed with special chocolate for friendship day.

Strategy a sleepover party. You must remember to request your entire friends. To make the party more interesting you can hire movie CD. Make sure that you have a sizable stock of unhealthy foods like snacks, wafers, popcorns and gentle drinks. You can have a noisy overnight get together with a lot of mad music and crazy dance. Do not neglect to end the celebrate by cutting an attractive cake with most memorable photography of your camaraderie printed on it. Now you can order a cake with a memorable photography of you and your friends at cake delivery noida

Camp out will be your chance to check out on your selected models of outdoor sports-trekking, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming, surfing and more together with your best pals. Just choose a sport which your group enjoys and have a dance into a zesty, action-packed Friendship Day celebration!

A great way to enjoy Friendship Day in a memorable way would be make an album of your most intimate and special occasions spent jointly. This can even be the most touching Friendship Day activity for you and your friend as it will help one to rewind and relive your proven bonding.

A great idea to indicate friendship in a creative manner would be to create a cartel on Friendship Day. To get instance you might paint your name and your good friend’s name on it artistically and luxuriate in the joy when your good friend flashes that million-dollar laugh.

Using these activities of Friendship day at your bay, on the web think you can celebrate a really wonderful friendship day? Arrive what may do not forget to order a Printed/Customized Friendship Day Treat from cake delivery in Gurgaon and cut it with your best friends.


b1d9b052a4ba665c3796c7d8af1a99c2Bidding farewell to your loved ones falls under the list of saddest thing you’ll ever have to face in your life. No matter what’s the reason of their leaving, it always hurts. Whether they are leaving for better opportunities, studies or anything else, a part of you always wishes them to stay with you or near you.

The feeling of separation is saddening, but it doesn’t mean that you will spend your remaining time with them feeling sad for yourself. Instead, you should try those last moment most special and cherishable for them. As going away is not a happy moment but you can make it memorable for them by planning a surprise for them.

Cakes are a grand gesture representing your love, concern and best wishes for your loved ones. Whenever a special occasion takes place cakes are always a part of it. Choose the flavour of cake that will be suitable for the occasion and loved by the receiver. Order cake from online store, for that all you have to do is just go to cake delivery in nagpur and order the cake from link.



Holi is all about brightness and vibrancy, and the celebration of Holi is just incomplete without some best moves. Bollywood loves holi and make sure you do not remain untouched by the spirit of this festival by coming up some perky compositions.

While you are prepping up for the occasion and making sure to leave no stone unturned, get some killer playlist to make the day one of the most unforgettable celebrations of your life. This Holi bring out of your most colourful side with amazing tracks.

Celebrate this fun loving day with your friends and family members with most amazing tracks from bollywood. Nothing can be much more amazing than having your favourite dessert on this amazing day with your loved ones. Go to cake delivery in nagpur and get the most delicious cake from here in just a click.